From Stressed To Best™

Reduce Your Stress!

Are you stressed at your workplace or in your home? Our From Stressed To Best™ program can help you regain peace of mind and greater productivity.

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“I now understand my strengths and stressors and have an ability to shift out of stress in an instant, which allows me to be more productive with less stress. It has improved my communication with my loved ones, friends and even strangers because of my understanding of Personality Type. Life has become much easier, personally and professionally, since I have been exposed to the From Stressed To Best™ program…”
John Weir

Author, Sports Improvement Coach

“I am very happy with the result. I am travelling in a week and not at all anxious, which is not the norm for me.”

C.W.   10-2018

Beyond Your Best

C.W.   10-2018

“My hypnotist explained what to expect from the outset. They understood and addressed my goals. I will recommend Beyond Your Best, LLC to others.”

K.O.        11-2018

Beyond Your Best

K.O.        11-2018

“Dedicated to clients.”

Dr. J.S.   2017

Beyond Your Best

Dr. J.S.   2017

“Thank you, I have my husband back.”

B.P.  2017

Beyond Your Best

B.P.  2017


Beyond Your Best, LLC can bring a intriguing and informative talk to your organization.

Beyond Your Best, LLC certified hypnotists offer public, private and professional presentations about hypnosis and stress reduction including the acclaimed From Stressed To Best™ program to groups like:

  • Business Groups and Professional Associations*

Human Resources, Trade Associations, Real Estate Associations, Health care and Wellness Professionals, Teachers, Academic Counselors, Parent Teacher Groups, Educational Administrators

  • Civic organizations
  • Rotary, Lions, book clubs, garden clubs, and other community clubs
  • Governmental organizations;

City, local, county, regional, state and national level government groups

  • Public safety departments

Fire, EMS, police, disaster response

Call today to learn about a presentation on hypnosis or stress reduction for your group.

*We may be able to offer your group “contact” hours or continuing education hours.