Hypnosis for Pain Relief

NH Hypnosis services for pain management, relief & health

Natural pain reduction with hypnosis

Hypnosis offers non-addictive, all natural, long term pain reduction and pain management. When you tell us you are in pain, we believe you.

Acute pain signals the body that something is broken, injured, sick or stressed and we need to pay attention to it. The process starts when damaged cells release chemicals that activate a nerve signal. When that nerve signal travels to the brain, the signal is combined with our memory and emotional functions, then it’s perceived as “pain.” A sudden or new pain is called acute pain. It’s important to listen to these signals from our bodies and if necessary – get help.

When pain becomes chronic, it no longer gives us helpful information. It becomes self-sustaining, and worst of all can actually make the body even more sensitive to pain. Ongoing or chronic pain can result in creating a “cellular memory” of the unpleasant sensation and change how nerve signals function. Chronic pain can linger for months or even years. But there is hope! We can help you develop the capacity to reverse many of these changes.

We offer NH Pain Relief Hypnosis Sessions for:

  • Chronic back pain
  • Arthritis
  • Bone pain
  • Post-surgical pain

Hypnosis can also be used to aid fibromyalgia pain, muscular pain, pain caused by chronic illness, acute pain management, chronic pain management, cancer pain management, nursing pain, and many others.

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