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Reduce Your Stress!

Are you stressed at your workplace or in your home? Our From Stressed To Best™ program can help you regain peace of mind and greater productivity.

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“I now understand my strengths and stressors and have an ability to shift out of stress in an instant, which allows me to be more productive with less stress. It has improved my communication with my loved ones, friends and even strangers because of my understanding of Personality Type. Life has become much easier, personally and professionally, since I have been exposed to the From Stressed To Best™ program…”
John Weir

Author, Sports Improvement Coach

“Thank you, I have my husband back.”

B.P.  2017

Beyond Your Best

B.P.  2017

“My hypnotist explained what to expect from the outset. They understood and addressed my goals. I will recommend Beyond Your Best, LLC to others.”

K.O.        11-2018

Beyond Your Best

K.O.        11-2018

“I am very happy with the result. I am travelling in a week and not at all anxious, which is not the norm for me.”

C.W.   10-2018

Beyond Your Best

C.W.   10-2018

“Dedicated to clients.”

Dr. J.S.   2017

Beyond Your Best

Dr. J.S.   2017

Health Issues

Hypnosis and stress reduction can help you with a variety of health issues.

The subconscious mind has the capacity to literally alter body function. For example when you see an advertisement for a favorite food or imagine a detailed scene of biting into a lemon, most people experience a real physical response like salivation. These foods are not in your mouth but your body is having a a physical reaction to something you imagine – just as if it were real. Beyond Your Best, LLC can help you use that ability to feel better.

“What the mind possesses — the body expresses.”

Production of stress response hormones like cortisol and adrenaline can be lifesaving in a crisis. However consistent production of these hormones – like many experience with chronic conditions or chronic pain – can cause serious effects like lower immune function, weight gain, high blood pressure, excessive gastric acid and delayed healing.

Hypnosis and stress reduction can help you reduce production of stress hormones resulting in decreased inflammation; the basis of many disorders. The normal natural hypnotic process also eases muscle tension and improves blood flow to bring nutrition and oxygen to muscles and organs, leaving cleansed cells ready to heal. The certified hypnotists at Beyond Your Best, LLC have considerable experience and training in health issues and can help you use more of your natural potential.

Can you picture a time when your body felt at its best?

Weight Control


The physical cause of overweight is simple; more energy in – than energy out. The causes for weight problems are a combination of genetic/metabolic, cultural/environmental, and behavioral and economic. It can be related to suffering and sometimes it’s just how people were brought up.


Beyond Your Best, LLC’s weight management program has worked, literally, for thousands of people, is also used in hospitals and clinics, and involves several elements:

The client’s self-esteem and confidence is evaluated and fortified as necessary to achieve a positive outlook and the ability to visualize their desired body structure, at the appropriate weight and with the physical modifications important to the client.

Realistic goals are critical to the success of any hypnosis program and this can sometimes require consultation with client’s health care provider. Weight will and should come off slowly. Perhaps 2 pounds per week on average.

Beyond Your Best, LLC’s program supports you with recordings and other reinforcing materials to further strengthen you so your desired changes can last a lifetime.

Our program does not restrict you to austere diets or limit your food choices. No expensive special meals, stimulants or supplements or foods the rest of your family will not eat.  Because our program allows you to eat in a way that is normal and natural for you, many people have found adopting this program easy and effective.

Can you imagine looking like you want to look, feeling like you want to feel, and hearing positive comments about how you look?


Pain Management

When you tell us you are in pain, we believe you.

Pain – even just the word can cause unpleasant memories. We’ve all had pain and many times it provides important and useful information.

Acute pain signals the body that something is broken, injured, sick or stressed and we need to pay attention to it. The process starts when damaged cells release chemicals that activate a nerve signal. We call it “pain”, but technically it’s a nerve signal. When that nerve signal travels to the brain, the signal is combined with our memory and emotional functions, then it’s perceived as “pain”. A sudden or new pain is called acute pain. It’s important to listen to these signals from our bodies and if necessary – get help.

However, when pain becomes chronic, it is no longer useful, no longer gives us helpful information. It becomes self-sustaining and worst of all can actually make the body more sensitive to pain. On-going or chronic pain can result in creating a “cellular memory” of the unpleasant sensation in our body and change how nerve signals function. Chronic pain can linger, for months or even years.

There is hope! We can help you develop the capacity to reverse many such changes.

At Beyond Your Best, LLC, we understand that you feel pain.

Beyond Your Best’s pain specialist, Thom Bloomquist, took years of formal study and multiple degrees to qualify for his 30 year anesthesia and pain management practice. Thom also became a chronic pain patient (but no longer!) and ultimately, an amputee. When someone says they hurt we believe them!

Chronic pain can result in cellular memory of pain that is passed on as cells normally reproduce and replace older cells . This state creates physical and mental stress and causes the release of stress-related hormones, inhibits healing, immune function, can lead to anxiety/depression, and weight gain. With time and over reliance on some important pain medicines, some people lose interest in the things that bring joy and meaning to our lives, our jobs and our families. Chronic pain and suffering can also cause fatigue and take a toll on our loved ones and caregivers. Beyond your Best, LLC has a special interest and also helping caregivers with individual methods to lessen their stress, and have stress management tools they can use for the rest of their lives.

What do you want to do when you feel better?

Play with your children or grandchildren?

Take up activities or hobbies you love that were beyond your reach because of your discomfort!

Beyond your Best, LLC can work with you and your care team so you can move beyond where you are now to a more comfortable meaningful life. Call us today so you can begin to look forward to tomorrow!


Good dental health is essential to our overall health.

Some people are fearful of dental examination and treatment which can prevent them from going to checkups getting critical treatment.

Hypnosis is widely used for dental comfort, to control fears that have kept you from having your teeth examined, cleaned and repaired. You know that regular examinations and treatment can prevent larger and costlier dental problems. You can control gagging, nausea and tongue thrusting with hypnosis and give you a better experience for you, (and the dental staff).

Beyond Your Best, LLC helps clients feel more comfortable. We can help you feel so comfortable in the dentist’s chair that may not even need Novocain shots! Hypnosis can also help you manage dental issues like teeth grinding, jaw joint dysfunction, clenching, reverse swallowing.

The certified hypnotists at Beyond Your Best, LLC, can also provide recordings to play before or during the dental visit to make your dental visit a more comfortable event.

You deserve to look in the mirror and see your bright, beautiful smile and well cared-for teeth!

Smoking Cessation

How many times have you heard people say, “Yeah, I used to smoke… I tried everything! Finally I used hypnosis – and it worked!”

You know you want to quit. Smoking is a filthy, disgusting, stinking, expensive habit. It’s “addictive” because of the chemicals mixed with tobacco in cigarettes. Smoking is also inconvenient because you have to avoid restaurants, most public buildings, many people’s homes and cars and gatherings of all sorts where smoking not permitted. It’s also expensive! If you smoke a pack and a half a day for 40 years – over a 1/2 million dollars has gone up in smoke. What could you have done with $500,000?

You are not alone!

We use the term smoking habit – not addiction. Addiction you have no control over. A habit you CAN – AND DO – control. Some people are afraid to quit smoking for fear of gaining weight. In fact many lose weight because their activity level increases. Literally millions of people just like you have quit smoking with the help of hypnosis. Beyond Your Best, LLC’s smoking cessation program is used in hospitals, the military and supports you as you quit smoking with multiple sessions and reinforcing materials and recordings to make your desired change a lifelong affair.

Did you know? You get 300 times more carbon monoxide from one cigarette than you do from breathing car exhaust for 5 minutes!

Many people prefer to quit smoking through Beyond Your Best, LLC’s group program which also provides a built-in support group.

If you form a group of 5 or more members who wish to quit, your registration is free!

Make others’ “last resort” your “first resort” and you’ll save time, frustration and money!

It takes just one step to get on your path – you can take that step right now. Call us.

The Benefits of Stopping Smoking

Within 8 hours carbon monoxide level drops in your body and oxygen level in your blood increases to normal

Within 48 hours your chances of having a heart attack start to go down sense of smell and taste begin to improve

Within 72 hours bronchial tubes relax making breathing easier lung capacity increases

Within 2 weeks to 3 months circulation improves lung functioning increases up to 30 percent

Within 6 months coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness and shortness of breath improve

Within 1 year your risk of smoking-related heart attack is cut in half

Within 10 years risk of dying from lung cancer is cut in half

Within 15 years risk of dying from a heart attack is equal to a person who never smoked.

Call or book today and you can be in our next group. Or schedule an individual program with us.

We offer a complimentary consultation so we can get to know you and understand your needs and goals.

Can you imagine how good it feels to break smoking’s control over you, gather with others anywhere you wish, and not get that “panicky” feeling of needing a cigarette?

In the first year alone, you could save enough for a nice vacation!

Imagine! What will you do with the money you save?