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Reduce Your Stress!

Are you stressed at your workplace or in your home? Our From Stressed To Best™ program can help you regain peace of mind and greater productivity.

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“I now understand my strengths and stressors and have an ability to shift out of stress in an instant, which allows me to be more productive with less stress. It has improved my communication with my loved ones, friends and even strangers because of my understanding of Personality Type. Life has become much easier, personally and professionally, since I have been exposed to the From Stressed To Best™ program…”
John Weir

Author, Sports Improvement Coach

“Dedicated to clients.”

Dr. J.S.   2017

Beyond Your Best

Dr. J.S.   2017

“Thank you, I have my husband back.”

B.P.  2017

Beyond Your Best

B.P.  2017

“I am very happy with the result. I am travelling in a week and not at all anxious, which is not the norm for me.”

C.W.   10-2018

Beyond Your Best

C.W.   10-2018

“My hypnotist explained what to expect from the outset. They understood and addressed my goals. I will recommend Beyond Your Best, LLC to others.”

K.O.        11-2018

Beyond Your Best

K.O.        11-2018


Hypnosis has been used across the globe for all of recorded history. Even though virtually all of us enter lighter levels of hypnosis every single day, not everyone understands what it is and how it works. Disinformation is widespread. At Beyond Your Best, LLC, our certified hypnotists help our clients learn about hypnosis and then use stress reduction and hypnosis strategies to make their desired changes.

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of heightened awareness and focused concentration to facilitate greater use of the subconscious mind.

What are the benefits of hypnosis?

Hypnosis can help you:

  • Reduce Stress
  • Change Habits
  • Improve Your Physical and Mental Performance
  • Manage Your Fears and Feelings
  • Improve Your Relationships
  • Affect Your Body’s Function and Sensations

Who benefits from hypnosis?

Anyone can benefit from hypnosis if they want to make one or more improvements in their life! We have helped people with a number of issues related to health and wellness, professional or career enhancement, academic achievement, self improvement , and physical or athletic performance.

How does hypnosis work?

The conscious mind processes up to about 7 bits of information per second and we are fully aware as it considers, analyzes, plans, and judges any suggestion through a multiple filters.

Hypnosis allows a greater use of our subconscious or unconscious mind. We normally use our subconscious mind every day when we have a reverie, day-dream, or experience “Highway hypnosis.” Sleep-dreams are a vivid example of our subconscious at work.

The subconscious mind does 80% of our mental work, never sleeps, records everything, can process about 2 million bits of data per second and has a higher capacity for accepting desired changes. After you have identified a desired change, a reason and your motivation, hypnosis works by allowing you to change the way your mind interprets experiences and how you respond.

This is similar to the way a computer works; using programmed instructions to select what information is wanted and what to do with it. With hypnosis you can make desired changes by rewriting your own internal programs.

Your subconscious can do more for you!

Hypnosis misconceptions

We know how beneficial hypnosis can be and we also understand that some people have misconceptions about how it works. To put your mind at ease about our hypnosis process and hypnosis in general, we’ve compiled and answered a small list of concerns. You can view them here:

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Hypnosis Services

We provide a range of hypnosis services for individuals, small groups and businesses. Our services typically fall into the following five categories:

Health | Well-being

Because the subconscious mind has the capacity to literally alter the body’s function, hypnosis and stress reduction can help with a variety of health issues including: pain management, smoking, snoring, tinnitus, teeth grinding (bruxism), stress, inflammation, exercise, and immune function.

What the mind possesses, the body expresses. See Health Issues to learn more.

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Career | Profession | Work

Hypnosis can help with a variety of work issues such as list several main things here, and have a positive impact on: healthcare providers, doctors, dentists, practitioners, chiropractors, podiatrists, nurses, caregivers, family members, administrators, managers, patients, sales, leaders, organizers, business owners, human resources, staff development, trainers, presenters, chefs, chairmen, counselors, and board members and more.

Make a statement about hypnosis here if you’d like (see above). See Work Issues to learn more.

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Academic | Teaching | Writing | Intellectual Performance

Intellectual performance can be enhanced when you use hypnosis techniques for academics. Students, teachers, professors, writers, parents, editors can see improvements in focus, concentration, memory, assignment performance, writers’ block and more.

Make a statement about hypnosis here if you’d like (see above). See Academic Performance to learn more.

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Hypnosis can be very beneficial while dealing with common self-improvement concerns such as weight control, smoking, phobias and fears, stress management, self-esteem, motivation, public speaking, confidence, positive outlook, relationships, interactions, habits (positive or negative), or cravings.

Make a statement about hypnosis here if you’d like (see above). See Self-Improvement to learn more.

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Athletic | Physical Performance

For years, high level athletes have utilized hypnosis to up their game. Our techniques can help you gain better concentration and focus with golf, gymnastics, archery and shooting, running, skiing, marathon, biathalon/triathlon, soccer, basketball, hockey, martial arts, and football.

Virtually any athlete can benefit from hypnosis, because all sports are “mind games.”  See Athletic Performance to learn more.

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