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Reduce Your Stress!

Are you stressed at your workplace or in your home? Our From Stressed To Best™ program can help you regain peace of mind and greater productivity.

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“I now understand my strengths and stressors and have an ability to shift out of stress in an instant, which allows me to be more productive with less stress. It has improved my communication with my loved ones, friends and even strangers because of my understanding of Personality Type. Life has become much easier, personally and professionally, since I have been exposed to the From Stressed To Best™ program…” John Weir

Author, Sports Improvement Coach

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Discover YOUR Untapped Potential

Beyond Your Best LLC strongly believes that each of us is already doing our best in our families, careers and society. People come to us because they recognize that they have to do and be more if they want to do and be more with their lives. We give you the tools you need to move Beyond Your Best to achieve your highest dreams and goals. We provide a wide range of stress reduction and hypnosis services for Groups  and individuals. The uses for hypnosis are as many and varied as the issues and traits our clients would like to change. From Stressed To Best™ helps business  teams, families, couples  and individuals build stronger relationships through personality awareness and stress management.

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From Stressed to Best™ is a proven program for reducing everyday stress that produces remarkable results! From Stressed to Best™ is perfect for Businesses needing to increase cohesiveness, creativity, company loyalty and productivity. Care-givers find relief through From Stressed to Best™. Those of you who are professional care-givers or family members responsible for children, aging parents, ill siblings and / or boomerang children often can feel enormous amounts of stress. Beyond Your Best, LLC can guide you to a healthy understanding of your resources and teach you relaxation skills to make the most of the time you allow for yourself. Couples, Families and Individuals use From Stressed to Best™ to understand and support one another better. Wouldn’t it be nice to understand why the members of your family behave the way they do? What a relief it is to understand, reduce everyone’s stress and create positive energy! From Stressed to Best™ uses definable personality differences to pinpoint specific, individualized steps to reduce stress and improve communication with clients, customers, family members and coworkers.



At Beyond Your Best, LLC, our certified hypnotists help you learn about hypnosis and then use stress reduction and hypnosis strategies to make your desired changes. Whether you want to quit smoking, manage weight, improve sports performance, or overcome fears, Thom and Lynne can give you the tools you need to reach your goals.


Group Hypnosis Classes

Group hypnosis offers the advantages of a “built in” motivational/support group at low cost, is a lot of fun and can be free* for the group organizer! Group hypnosis is a great way to learn about hypnosis and is very economical. You may join a group or you may bring a group of family, friends or co-workers. *When you create a group of 5 or more participants, you may join in at no cost to you!



Looking for an interesting topic to present to your civic or business organization Beyond Your Best, LLC provides group Presentations designed to educate and enlighten people. We offer general information on hypnosis, stress reduction, mindfulness, and most of our other topics. Some talks may qualify for training contact hours.